Don’t settle for two-dimensional. Let Northern Virginia Graphics create dynamic 3D representations or animation to demonstrate your product or support your case.



What sets your product apart? Are its defining characteristics easy to see in a two-dimensional drawing? Or would it be smarter to show what the product can do? 


The graphic experts at NVG-Inc. offer more than patent drawings and trademark illustrations to safeguard our clients’ intellectual property. Our team can design a product demonstration through cutting-edge 3D modeling or computer animation technology. When showing your product in  action is the only way to go, NVG-Inc. is your resource.



If your case hinges on the jury’s ability to visualize objects in motion, don’t leave it up to the imagination. Sometimes, diagrams or flowcharts just can’t convey key elements the way movement can. 


Using precision animation techniques, our team can turn a complex chain of events into a clear and persuasive animated representation. We stay current with the latest technology for 3D modeling and animation, so you get the best possible results. Not sure how to show the facts best? With 50+ years of experience working with law firms, NVG-Inc. can help develop a case presentation strategy that uses animation to your advantage.


NVG-Inc. offers the latest design technology combined with an old-fashioned commitment to quality, confidentiality, and excellent customer service. To begin the process, send us your project details for a free quote. Our clients’ trust is our most important asset, and we will be by your side every step of the way. 


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